Reduce Your Real Estate Footprint with Off-Site Law Firm Records Storage

As your client base grows, so do your human resource and law firm records storage needs. Housing more people and more files requires space, leaving a firm with three choices:

  1. Allow the office to become crowded with archived legal records, which decreases organization and is challenging to morale, with an overall effect of reducing productivity; OR
  2. Expand your office space, which not only costs time and money, but often involves negotiating lease contracts, managing moving logistics, and remodeling or building out your new law firm space; OR
  3. Develop an off-site records management program with a company that is experienced in developing law firm records storage and management programs, such as ARMS.

Benefits of Choosing ARMS for Off-Site Law Firm Records Storage

  1. We are a family owned, locally operated firm. Many companies claim to be local and personable, yet in reality are large corporations owned by investors. Their duty ultimately is to the investor, not you. At ARMS records storage YOU are our investor. We treat you like the lifeline of our company, because you are.
  2. Through our parent company, Wakefield Moving and Storage, we have a 50+ year history as a trusted partner to New England based law firms.
  3. We have far more resources than other local family owned firms. In most cases we have been around longer, have more highly developed systems, use more advanced technology and have a larger, more experienced team.
  4. Get your records and one-on-one help when you need it. You are vital to our firm and the way that we treat you reflects this fact.
  5. Some of the larger record storage firms have contracts that are packed with hidden fees, astronomical long term removal fees, and many other unpleasant surprises that cost you unexpected time and money. With ARMS there are no hidden fees, no longer term removal fees, and our contracts are straight forward.
  6. ARMS is a full service company offering offsite records storage, online records access, scanning and certified shredding.
  7. ARMS is part of the Wakefield Companies. Through our family of companies we are an FAC96 approved state contractor. In addition to law firm records storage, management, scanning and shredding, we offer commercial moving services, climate controlled storage facilities, and surplus distribution programs.