GRRO (Green Recycle Reuse Organization)

  • Surplus Diverted from Landfills
  • Cost Savings of 30% – 40% – easier/cheaper than dumpsters
  • Donation/Recycling/Decommission
  • Asset Recovery/Repurpose Solutions
  • Aid to Millions Worldwide – helping the people who need it most
  • Organizational Green Initiatives
  • Comprehensive LEED Reports- helping with sustainability goals
  • Guaranteed Container Delivery for all size projects
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Featuring ‘Total Recall’ the industry’s most advanced document storage inventory management system. With Total Recall, and superior customer service, ARMS provides simple, efficient solutions to companies of all sizes. ARMS is part of the Wakefield Family of Companies, recognized for over 50 years as a trusted firm throughout the New England area. Based in New England, ARMS serves companies throughout the nation.